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Ultratape™ Alpine Equalizer
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Ultratape™ Alpine Equalizer 

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See Important Notice Below

Our Alpine Equalizer is the perfect solution for quickly equalizing your anchor. Ideally suited as a self-adjusting anchor system, it can be made non-extending by tying an overhand knot in the center loop or by clove-hitching at each protection point.

Notice: All AE owners and users must review the updated User Guide below.  In order to eliminate the possibility of the AE lengthening or extending if an Anchor Point fails, you must tie a clove hitch or knot in each loop and attach each loop to a separate Anchor Point.  The previous User Guide stated that tying an overhand knot in the center loop eliminated that possibility. However, in actuality, there must be a knot in each loop, as described in the updated User Guide, to prevent extension.



Weight: 112 g

Strength: 22 kN

Material: 12 mm Ultratape


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